Hello! Riccardo Pirotto is a communication designer and art director from Italy.

Riccardo worked in studios like Sagmeister&Walsh (NYC) and 46xy (Milan).

Mail him at riccardopirotto@gmail.com

luginbuhl book

Sirio Luginbuhl was an an experimental cinematographer in the italian “underground” cinema scene in the ’70 and ’80. This book is designed as an auto-biographical diary with a series of small texts, short stories, images (old postcards, documents) and photographs collected by the author during his lifetime. The cover is a lenticular image made by two frames shot in one of Siro luginbuhl’s movie.

ENTER 2015

Visual identity for ENTER, a series of events that have as the common theme the relation between human and technology. I used human proportion for composing the grid in which I designed the logotype.

happy animals

At Sagmeister & Walsh I created this animation for the exhibition “THE HAPPY SHOW”. These drawings, done by the visitors, were collected from the previous exhibitions. The video was projected in a big wall at the exhibitions in Vancouver and it will be projected in the next exhibitions in Vienna and Frankfurt.

sambin book

This book is about the Italian contemporary artist Michele Sambin. Theatre director, musician and painter. The book is designed as a cinematic book where the artist’s creative process is shown through collages composed by images, drawings, photos. Creative direction & Art direction: Gianluigi Pescolderung/Studio Tapiro

album covers

Record covers: - Donato Dozzy remixes spiritual jazz outfit Tommaso Cappellato & Astral Travel on new 12-inch. - Cover for FLUMMO's demo "EARTH IS WHERE". - Design for DEBORA PETRINA's album "BE BLIND", Artwork by Michele Sambin.

piro medicine

It is my business card and consists in a self-made medicine.